Seattle Progressive Asian American Christian (SPAAC) Community Guidelines

PAAC is an LGBTQIA affirming, feminist, justice-oriented, anti-racist space.

Be attentive during introductions.
Share name and pronouns. Do not assume one’s pronouns or gender. Do not assume racial identities.

SPAAC Discussion Groups are invite-only.
Please respect this space. Participants must be in the SPAAC Facebook Group or be approved by a moderator prior to the discussion.

SPAAC Discussion Structure.
Each discussion will be facilitated by a moderator. This may be the host or another person.

SPAAC Hangouts are open to all.
Feel free to invite others to this space with respect to our statement as an LGBTQIA-affirming, feminist, justice-oriented, anti-racist space.

Participants should be aware of how much they are speaking.
Step back, step in. If you feel you are speaking a lot, allow others to speak. If you find yourself not talking, try to contribute some comments, ideas, or suggestions. Your voice is welcome here, as long as you..

...Use “I” statements.
Speak from your own experiences. But acknowledge that your experiences are not absolute. Given how unlikely it is that we’re always right, it’s probably beneficial to work on our emotional reactions outside the group setting.

Avoid making generalizations.
Don’t make blanket statements about any groups of people. This includes LGBTQIA-identities, racial identities, political parties, religious groups, socioeconomic classes, age ranges, etc. If you’re not sure that something you want to say is factually correct, phrase it as a question.

No assumptions — except for best intentions.
The only assumption people should make is that when other participants speak, they are speaking with the best intentions and do not mean to offend anyone. But when offensive statements are made...

...Correct gently, but do correct.
If participants say something that is incorrect or offensive, politely call them on that. Letting comments slip by only makes the space less safe and increases the difficulty of building successful relationships. As stated in the PAAC Facebook group guidelines, these gatherings are LGBTQIA-affirming, feminist, justice-oriented, anti-racist, pro-immigrant stances; these perspectives are not up for debate, even if you personally may not find yourself agreeing on all of these topics.

Respect confidentiality.
Assume that stories and comments shared at meetings should remain private. Be mindful of following up with individuals in other social contexts as to maintain confidentiality. If you would like to share someone’s story or comment, please ask them first.

Lean into discomfort.
Meetings and topics can sometimes be challenging. Be willing to experience some discomfort in discussions, and learn from it; however, in-person gatherings are not a place for you to process aloud your uncritical thoughts. To be clear, we hope to be a community of encouragement on your spiritual journey of “wandering and deconstruction.” We wish to mitigate the unintentionally offensive commentary that oftentimes results in processing aloud.

Reconciling is always possible, but not always necessary. Understand that it can be done on your own time, and it is not always appropriate to an in-person gathering. Involve people who have agreed to be a part of the conversation.

Uphold commitments.
The key to a safe and successful SPAAC gathering is to honor your commitments to the group. If you cannot go through with a commitment, make sure to let people know and find someone to take your place or assume your responsibilities.

Last Modified September 19th, 2019